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B.I.G. (Brothers Igniting a Groove) is an R&B Smooth Jazz and Old School Funk band.  Our repertoire extends to over 100 songs and counting – you want it, we play it!  The core group was founded in 2002 by Marcus “Slim” Shaw.

Introducing the band:

Marcus “Slim” Shaw – Founding member, bass and vocals.  National Recording Artist with his debut CD titled “Choice”, worked at Nuclear Power Stations throughout the U.S. as a Radiation Protection Supervisor/Technician for 20+ years (it’s quite possible he never sleeps). “The Energizer” best sums him up!

DeShezo Shenzo – Keys and vocals.  a.k.a. Toolkit because he's got all the parts!  D.S. also does film and TV scoring, and audio/video production.

John Martin (aka Jon Mykal) – Lead singer.  John is an IT specialist, sound engineer, and producer. Want to hear Prince? Nobody does it better than Jon (and all the other songs are above and beyond).

Andrew “The Chief” Jaimez – drums.  Andrew owns his own recording studio (The Compound). Don’t be fooled by his quiet demeanor. He is the epitome of groove. No one locks like The Chief. Drumming is a part of him.

Robert “Bullet” Harris – Full time musician on guitar and vocals (we’re convinced somebody pays him for his infectious smile)

Music is in our blood and veins. We have performed with the likes of many well-known artists. Our energy and dynamic performance is unsurpassed. We assiduously strive to deliver the best musical performance each and every time, and as a bonus we’re having fun doing it!

If you want to hear great music, put us on your bucket list!

David Paul Band

David Paul Band is an R&B, funk, pop, & rock band from Southern California.  Their diverse musical backgrounds come together to create an exciting blend of styles, ranging from timeless classics to modern hits.  Featuring David Paul on guitar and vocals; Mike Rodriguez on keyboards, vocals, and bass; Chris Miranda on drums and vocals; and Jamila Ford on vocals.

The Klique

A symphony for the senses! Playing tunes from the Swing Era to today’s chart-toppers, The Klique Band delivers enjoyable music for everyone. With revolving lead singers, instrument-switching, phenomenal harmonies, crazy choreography, special “guest star” appearances and impressions from Tom Jones, James Brown, Ray Charles, Johnny Mathis, Neil Diamond, Madonna, Boy George, Joe Cocker, Cher, Milli Vanilli, Julio Iglesias, Willie Nelson, Tina Turner, Louie Armstrong, Elton John, Britney Spears, and Prince will leave you mesmerized all night. Aside from their great show, they pump it up with powerhouse sets of dance music throughout the night. It’s more than entertainment… It’s an experience!

True to its namesake, the five-member “Klique” has genuine chemistry‹fusing each individual’s qualities for a scintillating reaction that draws the attention of those who pass by. You’ll become a part of it all through this group’s exceptional performance and charming allure.

True to its namesake, the five-member “Klique” has genuine chemistry‹fusing each individual’s qualities for a scintillating reaction that draws the attention of those who pass by. You’ll become a part of it all through this group’s exceptional performance and charming allure.

Smooth Touch

Smooth Touch is a 10 piece, Funk, R&B, Latin, Disco cover band. Our band consists of a 3 piece horn section, 4 lead singers, Drums, Keyboards, Bass, and Guitar. We are a high energy dance band that goes out to dance with in the audience. Smooth Touch has 20+ years of performing for Casino's, Nightclubs, Lounges, Summer concerts, Private events, Corporate events, and much more.

Hollywood Blonde

Hollywood Blonde is a very versatile and highly entertaining POWERHOUSE Top 40 band playing music from several genres including dance, pop, funk, soul, and rock!  Together for over twelve years, the band has played more than 1100 shows at casinos, festivals, special events and more all over California and beyond! They keep the dance floors filled wherever they play!

The Reel Band

Based out of Los Angeles CA, The Reel Band is a one of a kind cover band that enlightens the stage with their talent, presence and high energy. Bringing you the best of R&B, Hip Hop, Latin, Cumbia’s, Salsa, Old School funk, Rock en Espanol and much more….  

The Reel Band is extremely versatile and has the most talented musicians in town. This incredible 5‐piece band has many years of experience and can entertain any crowd. The Reel Band will get everyone out of their seats and on the dance floor!


RemiX is a High Energy, Interactive Music Experience…  We Perform 80's - 90'S Funk, and R&B.

We are Pro Players that have played for Top Artists and TV.

We sound like Your favorite Artist' Live without tracks!

With over 100 years of combined experience, We will leave you wanting more...

Tre’sure, Pronounced “Treasure” is currently completing his independent solo CD
Project on his independent Soulofakind Entertainment Label
Titled “TRE’SURE, #FORTHERECORD.” He was Born, Mark Vincent Brown, in
Dayton, Ohio, but now calls Las Vegas, Nevada home.
At age10, he attended art classes at the “Dayton Art Institute” for talented and gifted
children but soon realized that music was his true passion and gift.
At age 11, he formed his first band, and at age 12, he performed his first
Professional gig as part of a band called The Mixed Emotions opening for the legendary
R&B singing group “The Delfonics” most famously known for their hit, La, La Means I
love you.
At age 14, he became co-lead vocalist for a very popular Dayton, Ohio based band called
Crystal Love. His band mates at the time consisted of two well established singer
musicians, Ronald Nooks, formerly of The Ohio Players and SOLAR Records famous hit
maker singer songwriter, producer, William Shelby.
During his teen years he was able to work with several musicians and singers or was
inspired by them from his home town of Dayton, Ohio from members of The Ohio
Players, Slave, Lakeside, Heatwave, ZAPP, Sun, Dayton, and New Horizon to name a
Coming from a High School Ohio State Championship Track Team at age 18, he
attended college on a track scholarship, and at age 20 after numerous college awards and
achievements he decided to joined the United States Military.
While in the U.S. Army, he formed and founded a band in Germany he called “Hott
Tickett” that won every show band competition they entered. They were nominated
1984’s Best Show
Band in the Army, throughout Europe, and worldwide. Later that year, Tre’sure, Then
Staff Sergeant Brown was selected to tour as a feature in the first worldwide traveling
“All Army Solider Show” that started it’s tour performing in Washington D.C. as part of
then President Reagan and Vice President Bush’s, Inauguration.
During his time while stationed in Germany he toured throughout Europe and opened
for several U.S. headliners while on their tours at the time as well. He also spent time in
the studio recording with Johnny Davis, The primary vocalist and one of the main song
writers of the Milli Vanilli project before their take off.
In 2004 he retired from the Army to pursue his true passion of music full time.
In 2005, he was chosen to front a Los Angeles based former MOTOWN recording band
called “OZONE” who is mostly known for their song, Strut My Thang, and as the hit unit
behind Teena Marie and several other Motown Artist.
Later that year In 2005 in Las Vegas, NV. Tre’sure co-founded and
fronted a band called “In-A-Fect” for about seven years. During his In-A-Fect stint, he
was propositioned with many offers from well established bands in the business.
In 2012 he accepted an offer to be the touring lead vocalist for the original legendary
R&B band, LTD (Love, Togetherness and Devotion). Their previous original award
winning recording artist was the famous singer, Jeffery Osborne.
After years of being a military leader, band leader, producer, self taught musician on
several instruments, and an exceptional vocalist entertainer who traveled the world,
He felt it was time once again for a change.

Liquid Blue

Liquid Blue® is a multi-award-winning international party band. The San Diego based ensemble is known as The World’s Most Traveled Band and has performed in more than 100 countries and received a Guinness World Record®. The band scored a Billboard Top-10 Hit and has released sixteen (16) studio albums. The group has fans worldwide and has been featured on eight Magazine Covers. Liquid Blue was the first American act to be signed by a major Chinese record label and chosen to represent the United States at the CCTV kick-off concert for the Summer Olympics in Beijing. The group has performed at sold-out, ticketed shows worldwide and received more accolades, awards, and recognition than any other cover band in the music industry. Liquid Blue is a Certified B Corp and a Better Business Bureau Torch Awards Winner for 2021!

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